Monday, 5 October 2009


The Internet. Isn't it great? Whenever you wish to find information on your favourite restaurant, you can lol. Or maybe you want to the phone number of a big marketing company that could further your career way beyond your expectations lol. Maybe, you could write a heart warming final message to a dead or dying loved one lol. Whatever you wish to do on the internet, it will certainly make you laugh out loud.

For everything on the the internet is hilarious, it seems. Being a young man of this generation, I use the internet a lot. I have Facebook for keeping up to date with my friends, planning events or stalking my girlfriend. Ignore that last part. I also use message boards and, I know this may come as a bit of a shock to you, but I also use it to blog my thoughts.

But I do get continually irritated by everything being 'lol' worthy. Mundane activities such as going to the shops are generally met with a 'lol' on Facebook and instant messaging services. One of my friend's status updates once had the phrase 'lol' 6 times, in 1 run on sentence. No part of that sentence would have made me laugh out loud had she told me that in person. In fact, the most I'd have done is probably said, "Okay. Have fun." But it was on the internet, so it was simply hilarious. I almost popped a kidney.

I personally refuse to use the phrase, as there hasn't been much on the Internet said that has made me genuinely 'laugh out loud' so why lie? I put "haha" which makes me feel better. I am not being dishonest, and I feel I make the world a better place. lol.

But is this the future of language? As I mentioned before, I use message boards fairly regular, but the one I use the most is populated by people from all over the world. I made a joke once about how the Americans are making 'our' language dumber, by removing the silent letters. One American said to me that is the "evolution of language." So does that mean, that the language is going to get progressively simpler 2 th point wer we r spelin evrethin lik dis? That hurts my head just reading it in texts messages, but I can't imaging reading a book with that in.

One thing for sure, is that 'lol', 'pwned', 'omg' and others will eventually get placed in to the dictionary, alongside 'bling' and other such slang terms and become actual words. Soon we will have people saying 'lol' in public when something that is said isn't funny enough to laugh, but you don't want to offend the person saying it. But if something really IS funny, we all get to say 'lololololololololol', allowing the person to fly away smugly on their Roflcopter.