Sunday, 28 June 2009

British Weather

Well it's Summer again in Britain, I guess. It's really difficult to tell sometimes, but it hasn't been too bad this time around. It's been a long time since I can remember a decent Summer. I only vaguely remember the heat wave back in 1997. This bout of decent weather has made coming back from Spain a little easier.

So yeah, I went to Spain for 5 days with my girlfriend, and it was great. I got to wear shorts at night outside and still be warm. It was great and a little surreal. I feared the worst coming back home, especially with the bit of turbulence that occured.

But as said, it has been OK. Even over the last week, which appeared to be a bit dreary was quite warm, although a bit humid. We are apparently expecting a heat wave this week. It's going to peak at 32 degrees celsius, while also having the odd thunder storm. It'll be like being in an extremely boring version of Florida. So we plan to go to the beach at night if there is a thunder storm. If not, the walk by the beach should be fun as long as we don't get stabbed.

What always amuses me about British weather, is that it proves that us Brits are simply never happy. We moan and complain all the time about how cold and wet it is. Then we get a heat wave and suddenly it's far too hot. Make up your minds. I would rather be too hot than too cold, anyday, but I believe myself to be in the minority. I asked a few people I work with whether they would rather die from the heat or die from the cold, and they said cold, which totally confuses me.

As always when it comes to extreme weather conditions in Britian, the stories about the elderly appear in the news. I think the elderly are the quintessential Brits. If it's too cold, they give up. If it's too hot, they give up. What always amuses me when it comes to the elderly are the charity shops designed for the elderly. They take in clothes and then sell them... so they can use the money to buy clothes. I hope it's not just me seeing the idiocy involved here.

However, our weather isn't all doom and gloom. It could be worse. Other countries have far colder weather conditions than us during Winter, and then some also have tornados, earthquakes, volcanoes etc. to cope with. I'd rather wear a jacket 345 days of the year, than living in fear of a molten lava bath.

So I shall be enjoying the sunshine, even if it kills me. I will be walking around with no jacket and shorts, and if all the hair on my legs stand on end and my nipples blind people, then so be it. I like the novelty.

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